GEEKS: TanzaniaCamping at Ruaha National Park, Public Campsite no 1. Friday 12 June 2015. Week 9 Day 62.


Kisiolanza Farm (53km before Iringa) – Isimila Gorge – Iringa – Ruaha NP.

Total distance and time taken:

Kisiolanza to Ruaha public campsite no 1, 170km. 4hrs 30min.

Route Breakdown:

GEEKS: Tanzania. Camping at Kisolanza Farm, near Iringa. Thursday 11 June 2015. Week 9 Day 61.


Mbeya – Makumbako – Sao Hill – Kisiolanza Farm (53km before Iringa).

Total Distance: 275km.

Time taken: 5hr.

Route breakdown:

Mbeya – Makumbako, 165km, time taken – 3hr.

Mukambako – Kisolanza, 110km, time taken – 2hr.

Road conditions:

GEEKS: Tanzania. Camping at Utengule Coffee Lodge. Tuesday 9 June 2015. Week 9 Day 59.


Ad hoc campsite at Rungwa GR – Kampi Katoto – Ngululira - Kipembawe – Igoma – Lupa - Makongolosi – Chunya – Mbeya – Utengule.
Total distance covered - 315km.
Total time taken – 6hr 30min.

BREAKDOWN (distance, time, road condition).

GEEKS: Tanzania. Ad hoc camping at Rukwa Game Reserve Gate. Monday 8 June 2015. Week 9 Day 58.


Riverside Camp (Sitalike) – Mpanda – Umwira – Inyonga – Ipole – Kotunda – Rungwa Game Reserve.
Total distance covered – 475km.
Total time taken – 9hr.

BREAKDOWN (distance, time, road condition).
• Riverside Camp via Mpanda – Inyonga. 164km, 4hr, road poor with deep potholes reducing driving speed to 20km/hr for long stretches.
• Inyonga – Ipole. 129km, 2hr 10min, road superb for a dirt road, able to comfortably drive at 80km/hr.
• Ipole – Rungwa GR gate. 168km, 4hr 30min, road still good enough to travel at between 60-80km/hr.

Tanzania. Special Campsite on Katuma River near Ikuu Scout Camp, Katavi National Park. Friday 5 and Saturday 6 June 2015. Week 8 Days 55 and 56 (start of week 9).

If you drive direct to Ikuu Ranger Post from the HQ without game viewing or taking the lesser tracks, I would estimate a distance of just over 40km which would take you 1-2hr or so. All the roads in the park are in surprisingly good condition, many showing signs of being revamped since the rains. On the route we took, even the minor roads are reasonable. It took us about 3hr to reach our campsite from the HQ roads with game and bird watching.


Entrance Fee US$ 30pppd

Vehicle Fee US$40pd

GEEKS: Tanzania. Riverside Camp (near Sitalike), Katavi National Park. Thursday 4 June 2015. Week 8 Day 54.

Yup another boring post detailing the route and road conditions. Others planning this route might find it helpful I hope.


Lakeshore Lodge – Kipili – Namanyere – Kitonga - Kisi – Katavi NP through-road – Sitliki – Mpanda – back to Riverside Camp.

Route Breakdown: Distance, time taken, road conditions.

• Lakeshore Lodge to turnoff from Kipili road. 7,6km, 18min, road reasonable average speed about 40-60km/hr.

• Kipili to Namanyere. 48km, 1hr, road a little bumpy but good.

• Namanyere to Kisi. 35km, 50min, road as above.

Tanzania. Lakeshore Lodge, Lake Tanganyika (near Kipili). Monday 1 June 2015. Week 8, Day 51.

I have been doing some reading on the fascinating Lake Tanganyika that is perhaps worth sharing. It is remote and seldom visited which is right up my alley. It has the reputation of being the world’s least polluted lake and is the second deepest freshwater lake at 1,430m (after that one in Russia). It is the longest lake in the world at over 600km and is situated in the Albertine leg of the Great Rift Valley. It is narrow and from Lakeshore Lodge one can see the looming hills of the Congo across the water – Heart of Darkness?

GEEKS: TANZANIA!! Lakeshore Lodge, Lake Tanganyika (near Kipili). Sunday 31 May 2015. Week 8, Day 50.

Route: Isanga Bay – road from hell – Kalambo Falls road – Mbala (fuel) – road to Kaseya border – TANZANIA - Isopa village – bypass Sumbawanga – Chala – Namanyere – near Kipili – Lakeshore Lodge.

Detailed distances, road conditions and times:

• Isanga Bay to Kalambo Falls road, 19km. Terrible narrow, disused, two tracked track. Very steep ascents and descents, major washaways with deep holes and gullies, severe boulder hopping, entire road over stones. Suitable for a 4X4 competition or obstacle course but far too long. Time taken 2hr 15min.

GEEKS: Zambia. Lumangwe Falls Campsite, (near Kawambwa). Friday 29 May 2015. Week 7, Day 48.


Samfya – Mansa – Kawambwa – Mporokoso – Falls.

Detailed distances, road conditions and times:

• Total distance: 310km Time taken: 7hr 45min (take off 1hr for shopping in Mansa) 6hr 45min.

• Samfya to Mansa – good tar – 81km took about 70 min.

• Mansa to Kawambwa. Took 3hr 10min for 165km, – tar for first 80km – dirt road initially acceptable but later unpleasantly bumpy.

• Kawambwa towards Mporokoso, to Lumangwe Falls. Took 1hr 45min for 70km on very bad dirt.