GEEKS: Tanzania. Panorama Camp. Friday 3 July. Week 11, Days 83.

For a very pleasant change this was a very short day’s travel from Tarangire to just outside Lake Manyara NP. Panorama Camp is easy to locate on T4A.

ROUTE: Tarangire NP – Dodoma to Arusha road – Makuyuni – Mto wa Mbu – Panorama Camp.

Distance and time taken.

From Tarangire main gate to Panorama Camp, 72km, 1hr 20min.

The road was tar all the way.


Camping US$ 10pppn.

GEEKS: Tanzania. Tarangire National Park, public campsite. Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 July. Week 11, Days 81 and 82.

Day 81.


Singida – Katesh – Babati – Tarangire NP entrance gate – Public Campsite no 1.

Distance and time taken.

228km, 4hr 40min (to entrance gate).

Route breakdown.

• Singida via Katesh, strike the Dodoma to Arusha T5 road after about 160km, at Babati, turn left towards Tarangire.

• Large billboard indicates turnoff to Tarangire, about 220km from Singida.

• Tarangire 7km down this very corrugated road. Zion Camp 1km from turnoff.


• Park entry US$45 pppd.

GEEKS: Tanzania. Singida, Aqua Vitea Resort. Tuesday 30 June. Week 11, Day 80.


Kigoma – Kasulu – Uwinza – Urambo – Tabora – Nzega – Jomu – Singida.

Distance and time taken.

746km, 13hr.

Route breakdown.

• The first stretch of tar from Kigoma lasts about 110km and is great.

• Then there is intermittent dirt, detours for new road and sections of tar, about 50/50.

• The last section of 75km before Tabora is tar. When completed this road all the way to Tabora will be superb and I suspect new sections of tar are opening by the month.

GEEKS: Tanzania. Kigoma. Tuesday 23 June 2015. Week 11, Day 73.


Bush camp between Tabora and Kigoma – Urambo – Uvinza – Outskirts of Kigoma.

Distance and time taken.

About 210km, about 5hr.

Road conditions.

After dirt initially there is 50km of great tar over the Kikwete Bridge. Thereafter is a long section of fairly slow dirt road before reaching Kiboni Village when it is good tar all the way to Kigoma. Soon the entire route from Dodoma to Kigoma will be tar.

GEEKS: Tanzania. Bush camp between Tabora and Kigoma. Monday 22 June 2015. Week 11, Day 72.

Unfortunately our record keeping lapsed a bit here and some of the times and distances are estimates.

ROUTE: Dodoma – Manyoni – Itigi – Nyahua – Tabora – Usoke and bush camp.

Distance and time taken.

575km, 9hr.

Route breakdown.

• Dodoma – Itigi. 3hr 35min, 175km. Excellent tar to Manyoni, Manyoni to Itigi good quality dirt road.

• Itigi – Tabora. 3hr 45min, 210km. Tar for first 55km, then road under construction, intermittent dirt diversions and some tar. Diversion roads not great.

GEEKS: Tanzania. New Dodoma Hotel, Dodoma. Sunday 21 June 2015. Week 11, Day 71.


Tagalala Public Campsite Selous – Matambwe Gate – Kisaki – Morogoro – Gairo – Mgunga – Dodoma.

Distance and time taken.

452km, 9hr.

Route breakdown.

• Tagalala – Matambwe Gate. 1hr 45min, distance 40km.

• Matambwe Gate – Kisaki. 50min, distance 21km.

• Kisaki – Morogoro. 3hr45min, distance 125km.

• Morgorogoro – Dodoma. 4hr, distance 255km. Road conditions.

Tanzania. Camping at Lake Tagalala Public Campsite (Selous Game Reserve).Friday 19 and Saturday 20 June 2015. Weeks 10 and 11, Days 69 and 70.

From Selous Mbega Camp (Kisaki Annex) to Matambwe Office at the entrance gate into the western side of Selous Game Reserve is 16km and took about 30min.

GEEKS: Tanzania. Camping at Lake Tagalala Public Campsite (Selous Game Reserve). Friday 18 and Saturday 19 June 2015. Weeks 10 and 11, Days 69 and 70.

For those planning on staying at Tagalala Campsite let me provide you with 3 waypoints where the signboards for the campsite are. These are at critical junctions and ensure that you reach the campsite via the more used roads which are in good condition. This will prevent T4A from trying to be too clever with non-existent shortcuts or via horrible minor roads.

Driving from the west (Matambwa Gate) the first co-ord is S07 41,495 E37 58,832 ,
the second S07 41,588 E37 59,580
and the final one is S07 41,918 E37 59,737 (this one has the broken sign).


GEEKS: Tanzania. Camping at Selous Mbega Camp (near Matambwe Gate Selous Game Reserve). Thursday 18 June 2015. Week 10, Day 68.


Hondo Hondo Camp (Udzungwa Forest) – Kidatu village – Mikumi Town – Morogoro – Msumbi, Mvuha and Dutumi villages – near Kisaki.

Distance and time taken.

8hr 20min, 318km. (This route was mainly on minor roads and therefore slow going).

Route Breakdown:

• Hondo Hondo – Mikumi. Time 1hr 25min, distance 55km, slow minor road.

• After 6km enter Mikumi NP on road to Dar es Salaam.

• Drive through park, limit 70km/hr. Took 45min for 43km.

• Mikumi – Morogoro. Took 1hr 45min for 114km.

Tanzania. Camping at Hondo Hondo (also known as Udzungwa Forest Camp), adjacent to Udzungwa Mountain National Park. Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 June 2015. Week 10, Days 65 to 67.


Ruaha Public Campsite No 1 – Iringa – Mikumi town – Kidatu – (on road to Ifakara) - Hondo Hondo Camp (Udzungwa Forest Camp), at Udzunga Mountain National Park.

Distance and time taken: 385km, time taken 9hr.

Route Breakdown:

• Campsite to gate, 18km, time 45min.

• Ruaha entrance Gate – Iringa, 124km, 3hr 20min.

• Iringa – Mikumi town, 180km.

• Mikumi - Hondo Hondo, 54km. [Iringa to Hondo Hondo, 4hr 40min.]

COSTS at Hondo Hondo.

1. Camping, US$7 pppn.

2. Dinner, US$20.