GEEKS. Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park, Red Chili Rest Camp. Friday 21 August 2015. Week 17, day 131.

I have already given the detailed directions to the Royal Mile birdwatching spot. It is shown on the official Murchison Falls NP map as part of the Budongo Forest Reserve (it is not actually in MFNP).

GEEKS: Uganda, Murchison National Park, Kaniyo Pabidi Camp. Thursday 20 August 2015. Week 17, days 130.


Lake Albert Safari Lodge, Kabwayo Game Reserve – village of Kyehoro – village of Biseruka – Hoima – Masinda – Kichumbanyobo Gate Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) – Kaniyo Padibi Camp (aka Budongo Eco Lodge).

Total Distance and Time taken.

170km, 4hr.

Route breakdown and details.

• Now that we knew that the new tar road was linking the eastern shores of Lake Albert to the regional center of Hoima, we were able to ignore T4A and our GPS.

GEEKS: Uganda, Lake Albert, Lake Albert Safari Lodge, Kabwoya Game Reserve. Tuesday 18 August 2015. Week 17, days 128.


Kanyanchu River Camp, Kibale Forest NP – Fort Portal – Kyenjojo (on Kampala road) – Kaboya (via villages of Katoke, Kagadi and Pachwa).

Kaboya – Kaboya Game Reserve – village of Kyehera – Lake Albert Safari Lodge.

T4A is confused here in the west by the presence of a new tar road from Hoima, west to the shores of Lake Albert.

Total distance and time taken.

245km and 6hr30min.

Route breakdown. (I hope this simplifies someone’s trip, sometime).

Uganda, Kibale Forest National Park, Kanyanchu River Camp. Monday 17 August. Week 17, day 127.


This is really for birding enthusiasts and is a summary of what we saw on our guided walk. We saw about 40 species in all of which 19 were lifers for me.

For those really interested here follows a list of birds that were new to me, I don't think there were too many specials but it feels good to be building up my East African species.

GEEKS: Uganda, Kibale Forest National Park, Kanyanchu River Camp. Sunday 16 August. Week 17, day 126.


Lake Nkuruba Community Camp – Kibale NP – Bgodi Wetland HQ. (Then back to Kanyanchu River Camp).

Distance and time taken.

Lake Nkuruba – Kanyanchu River Camp. 28km about an hour at the most.

Lake Nkuruba – Bgodi Marsh HQ. 34km, about an hour.

Detailed route breakdown.

GEEKS: Uganda, Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve and Community Campsite. Saturday 15 August. Week 16, Day 125.


Kluges Guest Farm – Fort Portal – road towards Kamwengwe – just after village of Haibale take fork to right – Lake Nkuruba Community Camp.

Distance covered and time taken.

From Kluges, 39km, just less than an hour. The distance from Fort Portal would be about 30km.

Route breakdown.

GEEKS: Uganda. Kluges Guest Farm, near Fort Portal. Wednesday 12 August. Week 16, Day 121.


QENP – Kluges Guest Farm.

Total distance and time.

114 km, about 2hr 30min.

Route details and breakdown.

• Kazinga Channel campsite no 2 – tar road bisecting QENP and leading straight north to Fort Portal, 30min, 24km.

• To Crater Gate turnoff on this tar road, 8km and 8min.

• Equator crossing, 1km further on.

• Kasese town, 21km on this tar road.

GEEKS: Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP), Mweya Sector, Kazinga River Campsite No 2. Monday and Tuesday 10 and 11 August. Week 16, Days 119 and 120.

ROUTE: 10/08.

Ishasha campsite no 2 - Katookye Gate. 8km.

Katookye Gate –Katunguru T-junction and tar public road. 67kms, 2hr.

T-junction - bridge over Kazinga Channel. 3km.

Kazinga Bridge – Turnoff to Mbeya. 5km.

Turnoff – main gate. 19km.

Main Gate – Mweya offices. 7km.

Mweya offices to Kazinga campsite no 2. 5km.

Total distance and time: 114km, 3 to 4 hours depending on game viewing.


Details of drive to explosion craters. 11/08

GEEKS: Uganda. Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP), Ishasha Sector, Ishasha River Campsite No 2. Sunday 9 August. Week 16, Day 118.

For those using T4A I believe you will find your way to QENP from Bwindi without too much difficulty despite the GPS program becoming lost at times, probably due to some alterations in the routes of the forestry roads. For those without T4A perhaps it would be best to proceed on the Buhoma route. However please allow me to attempt to give a blow by blow account of the route we followed.

• Enter Bwindi again by travelling east on the road used to traverse Bwindi Impenetrable NP when originally travelling to Ruhija Community Camp.

GEEKS: Uganda. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Ruhija Community Rest Camp. Friday 7 August. Week 15, Day 116.


Lake Bunyonyi – Kabale – Ikumba – Nyamabale village – Ruhija village.

Total distance and time taken.

The figures given exclude the short diversion and the time taken to shop in Kabale. 56km, 1hr 20min.

Route details and breakdown.

• From Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort to when you reach the tar on the western outskirts of Kabale it is a good dirt road. This junction is only a couple of km from the center of Kabale.

• Excellent quality tar road for 22km until turn right on dirt road sign posted Bwindi.