GEEKS: Kenya, Aberdare National Park, Reedbuck Public Campsite. Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October. Week 22, days 165 and 166.

As promised the Eastern bypass route    [SEE BELOW UNDER COMMENT, WHERE WAZUNGU HAS 2 COMMENTS THAT CLARIFY OUR MUDDLED DIRECTIONS]    (Langata/Karen to the A2 north road) to the north from the Karen area of Nairobi, (where most would be likely to stay).

Many of the newer highways and bypasses were not reflected on my T4A but should be present in this year’s versions. T4A tried to direct us through the busiest part of the city center when the quickest route was sought.


GEEKS: Kenya, Eluai Public Campsite, Masai Mara Conservancy (Mara Triangle). Sunday 13 September,Week 21, day 153.


Kembu Camp (near Njoro) - turn right on A104 - turn left on B1 to Kericho - Kericho - Sotik -  turn left to Masimba - Gesusu - Nyangusu - Kilgoris - Lolgorien - Oloololo Gate Mara Triangle - Eluai Camp.

Distance travelled and time taken. 

290km, 7hr.

Detailed route and route breakdown.

GEEKS: Kenya, Kembu Campsite, Njoro (near Nakuru). Saturday 12 September,Week 20, day 152.


Little Figtree Campsite (Lake Bogoria) - Esmos Gate - Mogotio - Nakuru - Kembu Campsite (near Njoro).

Distance covered and time taken.

92km, 2hr 10min. But we spent about 4hr in Nakuru,mainly sorting out internet and sim cards.

Route detail and breakdown.

GEEKS: Kenya, Lake Bogoria, “Little” Figtree Camp. Friday 11 September 2015. Week 20, day 151.


Roberts Camp at Lake Baringo – Marigat – Loboi Gate Lake Bogoria National Reserve – Little Figtree Camp .

Distance travelled and time taken.

40km, 50min (to Loboi Gate).

Within Lake Bogoria National Reserve, 26km and about 3hrs with game viewing and photos.

Route details and conditions.

• From Roberts – the turnoff to Bogoria, mostly deteriorated tar.

• 18km and 25min to Marigat, then turn left here after new Shell Garage 3km further on. Not well signposted.

GEEKS: Kenya, Lake Baringo, Roberts Camp. Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 September 2015. Week 20, day 149 and 150.

I would really like to encourage others to do this Marich Pass, Kerio Valley and Kito Pass route through the land of the Pokot people. If, perhaps as a result of this report you do so, please mail me and let me know how you found it to be.

ROUTE. (From Barnleys).

Barnleys – Makutano – Chipareria village – Sebit – Ortum – Akeriemet - Marich Pass – Marich Field Studies Center (overnight).

Marich Field Studies Center – Sigor – Lomut – Tot – Kolowa – Kerio Valley – Kito Pass – Nginyang – Loruk (B4) – Lake Baringo and Roberts Camp.

GEEKS: Kenya, Barnley’s Guesthouse (Aka Sirikwa Safaris) . Sunday 6 September and Monday 7th, 2015. Week 20, days 146 and 147.

Firstly the route to Barnleys from Mt Elgon.


Mt Elgon NP (Chorlim Gate) – direct route to A1 (Webuye to Kitale road) – Kitale – Barnleys.

Distance covered and time taken.

229km, 1hr 20min.

Route breakdown and details.

• The first 7km are on the same road we used from the south.

• At the crossroads N01 02,299 E34 50,877, continue straight (east) instead of turning south on the route in. From now onwards the dirt road is superior to the one from the south. (60km/hr).

GEEKS: Kenya, Mt Elgon Lodge, Endebess (near Mt Elgon NP). Saturday 5 September 2015. Week 19, day 146.


Jinja – Iganga – Malaba Border Post (Uganda/Kenya) – Webuye – Saboti village – Mt Elgon Lodge.

Distance and time taken.

275km, 7hr 30min.

Route detail and breakdown.

Jinja – Malaba Border Post. 155km, 3hr15min. Good tar road, some, but not too many trucks perhaps because Saturday.

Border – Webuye. 57km, 1hr 10min. Bumpy detour for 11km, the road east from the Kenyan border is being totally revamped. Tar to Webuye excellent.

GEEKS: Uganda, Sipi Falls, Moses Community Camp. Friday 28 August 2015. Week 18, day 138.

 Some detail here hopefully of some assistance to those thinking of using the eastern route. I urge you not to have any hesitation in using this interesting route. It gave us great satisfaction to have completed it. It is really not as daring as it has been reputed to be!


KVNP – Kapedo – Kaabong – (near) Kotido – (near) Moroto – Longwedwat – Nakapiripirit – Chepsikunya – Sipi – Moses Camp at Sipi Falls.

Distance and time taken.

430km only about 95km on tar, 10hrs.

Route breakdown, details and road conditions.

GEEKS: Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park, Nagusokopire Campsite. Monday 24 August 2015. Week 18, day 134.

Although many will enter the park from Kenya when journeying from north to south, I will post the directions in detail as they may then want to travel onto Murchison FNP.

ROUTE. Paraa MFNP – Wankwar Gate MFNP – Purongo village – Anaka – Gulu – turn sharply right (east) a few km before Kitgum – Kitgum Matidi village – Namakoro village – follow signposts through various small villages to Katurum Gate KVNP – Apoka.

Total distance and time taken.

366km, 10hr 30min. 300km on dirt.

Route details and breakdown.