GEEKS. Ethiopia, (H)Awassa, camping at Progress International Resort Hotel. Friday 23 October. Week 25, day 187.


Dorze – Abre Minch – Soda – Awassa.

Total distance and time taken.

240km, 4hrs.

Route breakdown and details.

In time to come when the road reconstruction has progressed this will be a really wonderful route, if not already so.

• Dorze Lodge – Abre Minch, 25km.

• Abre Minch – Soda, 117km, 3hr. Soda quite a major center.

• After Soda turn right after 10km onto dirt road under reconstruction. Head for GPS co-ords N06 57,654 E38 06,526.

GEEKS. Ethiopia, Dorze, camping at Dorze Lodge. Thursday 22 October. Week 25, day 186.


Jinka – village of Waito - Karat-Konso – Giddle – Abre Minch – Dorze Lodge.

Total distance and time taken.

263km and about 6hrs.

Route breakdown and details.

• Jinka – Karat-Konso, excellent tar road, through some lovely hilly country. 144km, 3hr.

• Karat-Konso – Abre Minch (Paradise Lodge), again good tar. 88km, 2hr.

• Paradise Lodge to Dorze Lodge, tar then good all-weather mountain road. 31km, 55min.

GEEKS. Ethiopia, Mango Campsite, Turmi. Monday 19 October. Week 25, day 183.


Omo valley market days     Village/ town       Tribes you will see


Arbore                                                         Arbore & Tsemay Kako Banna and the Ari tribe

Turmi Market                                               Bashada and the Hammer tribe



Dimeka                                                        The Hammer, Karo, Tsemay, Banna, Bashada

GEEKS. Ethiopia, LAKE TURKANA ROUTE: DAY 7. Mango Campsite, Turmi. Sunday 18 October. Week 25, day 182.


Wild camp at old Kokai Camp – Illeret – cross unmarked and unmanned Kenya/Ethiopian border – Turmi/Omorate tarred road – Omorate – Turmi – Mango Camp.

Total distance travelled and time taken.

196km and 10hr.

Route breakdown and details.

• Kokai – Illeret police station, dirt roads/tracks decent enough if taken slowly. 30km and 1hr 50min.

• Illeret – unmarked border, minor tracks but not too testing. 21km and 1hr 10min. •

Border – tar of Turmi to Omorate road. Tracks as above. 54km and 2hr 45min.

GEEKS. Kenya, LAKE TURKANA ROUTE: DAY 5. Sibiloi National Park, Lake Turkana, Koobi Fora Campsite. Friday 16 October. Week 24, day 180.


Loiyangalani – towards North Horr initially – turn left at N3 40,769 E36 17,597 after about 39km – road now signposted intermittently (T4A also accurate) – Gajos village – Karsa Gate Sibiloi NP – Petrified Forest – Koobi Fora.

Road and route details.

• Palm shade – turnoff from North Horr road. Dirt road in very good condition. After 39km and 40min at GPS points as above, turn west and north towards Sibiloi NP, leaving the road to North Horr.

GEEKS: Kenya, South Horr, Samburu Sports Club Campsite. Wednesday 14 October. Week 24, day 178.


Maralal (Yare Camel Club Campsite) – Lesiola - World’s End – Morija – Marti – Baragoi – South Horr.

Total distance and time taken.

162 km, 9hrs. However actual time and distance from Yare Camel Club to Samburu Sports Club, if stops, repairs and visit to Worlds End excluded – 132km, 6hr 20min.

Route detail and breakdown.

• Turnoff to World’s End is on the road to Baragoi as described in Dispatch. It was a 20km and 1hr detour. (Signposted Lesiolo, World’s End).

GEEKS: Kenya, Maralal, Yare Camel Club Campsite. Tuesday 13 October. Week 24, day 177.


Very different to that normally taken to Eastern Turkana, via Isiola and Archer’s Post or variations thereof, as far as we can tell. We unreservedly recommend it.

Nanyuki on C76 – Naibor village – village of Khamba – onto C77 – Suguta Marmar village – Kisimi village – Maralal.

Distance and time taken.

5hr 10min to cover the 164km.

Route details and breakdown. (All accurately depicted on T4A).

• Nanyuki to Naibor, on C76, on tar. 19km and 10min.

GEEKS: Kenya, Jungle Junction. Friday 9 October. Week 23, day 173. Record day by day of time spent since arriving in Nairobi.


"When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable".


GEEKS: Kenya, Nairobi, Jungle Junction (again). Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 October. Week 23, days 169 and 170.


Castle Forest Lodge (southern Mt Kenya) – Nairobi (Karen)


160km, 4hr (I have adjusted for the snafu into town).

Detailed route. (As guided by T4A).

Castle Forest Lodge – villages of Kimunye, Gatugura, Kabare and Kerugoya (on tar) – T junction (after 20km and 30min) – turn right to Kutus

– at Kutus (after a further 2km) turn right onto C73 – through village of Kagio

GEEKS: Kenya, Mt Kenya, Castle Forest Lodge. Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October. Week 22 and 23, days 167 and 168.


Reedbuck Campsite Aberdare NP – Ark Gate – Mweiga – (short cut) to A2 - Chaka village- Karatina – Kagumo – Castle Forest Lodge.

Route distance and duration.

130 km and 6hr (including 50km, 3hr 20min game drive from camp to Ark Gate).

More meaningful,

Mweiga to Castle Forest Lodge, 2hr, 73km.

Route details and breakdown.