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Zambia. South Luangwa National Park. Wilderness Campsite. Sunday 17 May 2015. Week 6, Day 36

AND Monday 18 May 2015. Week 6, Day 37.

Costs: at Wildlife Camp.

Camping US$8 pppd
Night drive US$50!
Cold drink US$1.50
Supper at restaurant (lasagna, roll and salad) – very good US$16
Wood US$5 for large bundle.
Thus things are not cheap if you begin splashing out here and they talk US$.

Park Fees:
Also not cheap.
Entrance fee US$30 pp per calendar day, not per 24hrs as was the case in the past when one could do an afternoon and then the following morning under one fee.
Vehicle fee US$15 per vehicle pd.

Synopsis of SLNP.

Founded in 1938 this is the jewel in Zambia’s conservation crown. The animals are remarkably placid and do not bolt at the sound of a vehicle, often the case in Kafue NP. It is about 9.000km2 in size. The areas around the river have lovely trees and the stands of teak are memorable. Towards the north there are open plains. In the bushier sectors is where South Luangwa earns its plaudit of being one of the best parks to see leopards.

This park is also known for being one of the first to allow night drives and is also credited for promoting guided bush walks. Personally I think this is one of the most beautiful conservation areas in Africa. The Luangwa River is in pristine condition and the dambas and oxbow lakes provide plenty of water attractions. Animal concentrations are high but not as easy to spot as in some of the more open plain savannahs further north, but one never knows what one will see around the next corner. In my opinion it deserves its place amongst Africa’s premier parks. In the wet access to all the routes is impossible but there are plenty of raised roads that remain drivable.



In retrospect, after seeing the famed parks of East Africa, there is no reason for those in Southern Africa to stand back at all!