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Uganda, Kibale Forest National Park, Kanyanchu River Camp. Monday 17 August. Week 17, day 127.


This is really for birding enthusiasts and is a summary of what we saw on our guided walk. We saw about 40 species in all of which 19 were lifers for me.

For those really interested here follows a list of birds that were new to me, I don't think there were too many specials but it feels good to be building up my East African species.

  1. Black-and-white-casqued hornbill. 
  2. Yellow-rumped and yellow-throated tinkerbirds.
  3. Little and slender-billed greenbulls.
  4. African thrush.
  5. Ashy and Vanga flycatcher.
  6. Red-bellied paradise flycatcher.
  7. African blue flycatcher.
  8. Yellow white- eye.
  9. Olive-bellied sunbird.
  10. Purple-headed starling.
  11. Black-headed and black-necked weavers.
  12. Vieillot's weaver.
  13. Red-headed malimbe.
  14. Grey-headed negrofinch.
  15. Black-and-white mannikin.