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Namibia. Caprivi (Zambezi province). Mudumu National Park. Nakwata Campsite no 3. Sunday 10 May 2015. Week 5, Day 29.

Mudumu NP.

Thumbs up:
• The setting along the Kwando River is magnificent and the riverfront game drives will be more rewarding in winter.
• It does not appear as if this park is ever crowded so privacy appears a given.
• The animals are there but possibly more visible later in winter.

Thumbs Down:
• No facilities at all in the campsites. No water, ablutions or fire pit. To us being fully equipped, this was a non-issue.
• The animals seemed rather skittish. Whether this indicates a degree of poaching or whether the animals are just not that habituated to vehicles, I cannot say. Across the Kwando River on the Botswana side is not a conservation area.
• I thought the bird life was slightly disappointing.

I would definitely advise including Mudumu in a visit to this area but 2 nights are enough to explore this smallish park.