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Namibia. Caprivi (Zambezi province). Mudumu National Park. Nakwata Campsite no 3. Saturday 9 May 2015. Week 4, Day 28.

We took the B8 through Katima and then towards Kongola. After 113km, just before Kongola, you turn left down the fairly newly tarred C49, signposted Sangwali/Linyanti/Katima Mulilo, towards Mdumo NP.

This road takes a slow loop back to Katima allowing access to the National Parks along the Kwando River. The most important fact is that this turnoff is before Kongola and the foot and mouth barrier.

You pass through the Mashi Conservancy before entering Mudumu which this road transects. Already there were plenty of elephant droppings along the road. We passed a number of turnoffs to lodges including that to Lianshulu. Tracks for Africa led us as true as an arrow to the Nakwata area. Here we found the OLD camp HQ, now a police and ranger camp. The old office is somewhat derelict. We were told to drive back to the C49, retracing our route for about 10km and there we would find a sign into the park. The sign was found and it stated in small writing, certainly not legible by those driving past, Mdumu National Park Office for obtaining permits. No matter as the game ranger was most helpful and indicated to us that we should take the riverfront drive through the park to reach our campsite.

For those looking for this office. There is a green signpost with small, barely legible writing on the left coming from Kongola. It indicates the direction to the right. If you pass a building painted lime green on the left you have passed this turnoff about 400m back. You drive a couple of km down a dirt road when you reach quite a large compound of buildings. Look for the unsignposted office. It is the oldest building of the lot and is the only one thatched. I would roughly estimate the river front drive from there as about 20km and took us about an hour. This is a simple 2 track road with no signposts, which in places is still rutted from the rains and in others has deep sand.

The campsites have faded signs and are a little further east along the river bank from the aforementioned police and ranger facility we had gone straight to initially in error.
The park fees are remarkably cheap for South Africans, I am sure those not part of the customs union pay more.
• Park Entry N$ 30 PPPD
• Vehicle Fee N$ 1O per vehicle PD.
• There are no additional camping fees.

Proclaimed as recently as 1990. Size, a small park, only 730km2.
Private Lodges and campsites: Camp Kwando, Namushasha River Lodge, Lianshulu Lodge.
The Kwando River forms the western border with Botswana.
This park forms part of a complex of smallish parks in the Caprivi area, of which we will also be visiting Rupara (old name Mamili).