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GEEKS:Zambia. South Luangwa National Park. Zikomo Campsite. Tuesday 19 May 2015. Week 6, Day 38

Having enthused so much about my first impressions I feel obliged to give detailed directions, although it is sign posted and the route is clear on T4A.

We left Wildlife Camp at the leisurely time of 10H00. Take the drive out of wilderness camp as if driving to Mfuwe Gate. When striking the tar leading to the Mfuwe gate to the left, take it to the right through the village of Mfuwe. This is on the road to Chipata. There is a turnoff clearly sign posted Zikomo Safari Camp, which is 19,1km down a dirt track of varying quality. It would definitely be tough when wet as there is plenty of deep rutting where it passes through the typical black cotton soil of the Mopani sections. You also have to ford 2 substantial streams of about 20m wide which at this time were shallow, apparently during April they were in flood. One drives through subsistence farming villages including cotton before entering the game management area. This continues as the road into the Nsefu Sector of the park and the Milyoti Gate where one pays park entrance fees when visiting the park from Zikomo. The worst parts of the road have had a rough grade from ZAWA.

After about 13km on this road Zikomo is sign posted off to the left. In this Game Management Area one begins to see herds of puku on the slightly wet dambos. Three km along a side channel of the river you reach the camp and lodge. The total distance from Wildlife Camp was 27kms and will take less than an hour but seems as if worlds apart because of the isolated feeling.

Contact details for Zikomo Safari Camp, ph 260 216 246 202 or 260 973 741 708.
The person you are mostly likely to deal with is Zick, a likeable and bright young Zambian.



Hello Stan and great to hear you are safe and having a good time out there. I have been following your blogs with great interest, as we have planned a first time ever trip through Zim ( you gave me advice on Mana) and Zam. I'm so happy to see that I have chosen some of the same camps/stops you have been staying in and of course all info regarding travel time and obstacles is most welcome and helpful. Our trip will only be in August of 2016, but I guess most info will still be relevant. I also chose Zikomo for half of our SLNP stay and I can't believe you sweet-talked them into letting you stay in their closed for the season camp! Hey, it's advertising for them. Tell them 2 Africa aficionados will be coming to see them in August of 2016.
Please keep the blogs coming and know that many out here in the real world appreciate you taking the time to write up your daily adventures and taking us along in the Slow Donkey. Loved the tidbit about some people choosing irrelevant English names like Website. Hilarious.
Safe travel and happy trails. KaliCA

Hi ali, good to hear from you again. You will love Zikomo and the Nsefu Sector of SLNP. It is much less people populated than the area around Mfuwe.