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GEEKS: Zambia. Kwacha Lodge, Samfya, Lake Bangweulu. Thursday 28 May 2015. Week 7, Day 47.

On leaving the Wetlands the road from Nsobe to the entrance gate took us 2 hours for the 43km as opposed to 2hr15min on the way in.

From this gate the conventional route and that indicated on T4A, is to turn left. This route apparently goes past the chief’s house. By a stroke of fortune I stopped to ask a local lorry driver about the route. He indicated that the bridge far down on this route was “broken”and that we should use an alternate route which in fact meant turning right just after the park exit gate. After about 11km one crosses an excellent bridge and T4A now accepted this route and the directions given by the truck driver proved accurate. I am going to detail this route as it is the alternate route to Lake Waka Waka. In the first couple of km there are 2 forks in the road with no direction signs. At Chiundaponde Community Center (signposted) take the fork to the left, At Chiundaponde Primary School (signposted) keep straight, do not take road to the left. Keep straight for about 15km.
At 3,7km after the primary school drive past Makapaleyo Community Tourism Project. One needs to take it slowly as the road is again very bumpy. After 15.3km from the exit gate drive past a sign saying Chaya Forest Conservation. One now reaches a long stretch of quite dense miombo woodland with scattered villages. The only living creatures seen were Homo sapiens zambiense negricans and they all waved in a very friendly manner. At Lulilama Primary School (at 22.2km) go straight and do not take the right fork and head for Lake Waka Waka. About 10km before Lake Waka Waka the road suddenly improves significantly. There is one more fork in the road, at 38km, turn sharp right. Then the road is straight all the way.

Lake Waka Waka is at almost exactly 100km from the exit gate. We took a small turn down to the lake and had a brief look at the rudimentary campsite, adequate enough but we could not summon up the belly to camp here and the lake itself seemed to hold no great attraction. As we had left early and made good time we were able to divert to the Livingstone Memorial as detailed in the dispatch. T4A takes you straight there. You now begin to pass through some villages again and the road to the memorial is very good. We had to pay here as this is a national monument, this was K45pp.

It was considerable relief that we struck tar for the first time since leaving the T2 for Lavusha Manda almost 3 days previously. This was the so-called Chinese road west from Serenje to Mansa. The road to Samfya is in fact tarred contrary to T4A. We reached Samfya after 7hr 25min on the road having covered only about 350km.