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GEEKS: Uganda, Lake Albert, Lake Albert Safari Lodge, Kabwoya Game Reserve. Tuesday 18 August 2015. Week 17, days 128.


Kanyanchu River Camp, Kibale Forest NP – Fort Portal – Kyenjojo (on Kampala road) – Kaboya (via villages of Katoke, Kagadi and Pachwa).

Kaboya – Kaboya Game Reserve – village of Kyehera – Lake Albert Safari Lodge.

T4A is confused here in the west by the presence of a new tar road from Hoima, west to the shores of Lake Albert.

Total distance and time taken.

245km and 6hr30min.

Route breakdown. (I hope this simplifies someone’s trip, sometime).

• Kampala Road. Out of Fort Portal take the road to Kampala. This tar road is in good condition and heads past the northern stretches of Kibale NP and huge tea plantations.

• At Kyenjojo, after 49km turn north (left) in center of town on unsignposted road. Signs later begin to say Hoima, a regional capital. This dirt road winds through numerous small villages and its condition is variable. In the center portion there is about 10 – 20km of badly rutted road. Most of the way we were comfortable at between 40-60km/hr. To Kabwoya was 125km and took about 3 and a bit hours.

• Hereafter the fun begins as T4A becomes confused as there is a new tar road. In Kabwoya turn west (left) at N01 14,753 E31 05,002 down a dirt road (no signpost) and after 10-15km there is another unsignposted turnoff to the right (north-west). This minor road is in good condition and initially goes through some nice indigenous forest and there after multiple small villages with a number of nasty unmarked speed humps. At N01 23,151 E30 59,678 turn left again in small village, as prompted by T4A. Suddenly one strikes a massive new tarred road at N01 22,881 E30 59,431, turn left here and this is where T4A becomes really confused. For some of the road it follows the old T4A recognized dirt road. This tar road is from Hoima and will make our journey to Murchison Falls NP much quicker.

• As it turned out we drove quite a long circuit of 30km to reach the lodge. Soon after starting on the tar there is a dirt road to the left, recognized by T4A as the quickest route to the lodge by T4A, but ignored by us. After 23km we strike a T-junction at co-ords N01 31,496 E30 57,760 and the signpost for the lodge here is to the left. Pass next to the small village of Kyehera and there is a turnoff off the tar directly to the lodge at N01 29,586 E30 56,586. GPS co-ords of Lake Albert Safari Lodge are N01 29,736 E30 55,950.

Distance and time breakdown.

-Kanyanchu River Campsite – Fort Portal, 33km, 1hr.

-Fort Portal – Kyenjojo, 49km, 35min.

-Kyenjojo – village of Kagadi on dirt, 51km, 1hr20min.

-Kagadi - Kabwoya town, 49km, 1hr30min.

-Kabwoya – new tar road, 40min, 30km.

-New tar road - T-junction (via round about route), 23km, 30min.

-T-junction - Lodge via tar and then signposted dirt road, 7km, 13min.

NOTE. I suspect that if you take the unsignposted road off the tar earlier on and cut out the large loop on tar, the distance to the lodge will only be about 15km. T4A favors this route for the final approach to the lodge.