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GEEKS: Uganda, Kibale Forest National Park, Kanyanchu River Camp. Sunday 16 August. Week 17, day 126.


Lake Nkuruba Community Camp – Kibale NP – Bgodi Wetland HQ. (Then back to Kanyanchu River Camp).

Distance and time taken.

Lake Nkuruba – Kanyanchu River Camp. 28km about an hour at the most.

Lake Nkuruba – Bgodi Marsh HQ. 34km, about an hour.

Detailed route breakdown.

Road condition, dirt all the way. Initially the road has been widened and reconditioned. Later far narrower but acceptable. It looks like the whole road is being prepared for tar. This is being carried out by the Chinese. In conservation circles there is concern about the effect of this road and the Chinese presence. Our Bigodi bird guide told us that the community had threatened the Chinese with dire consequences should any poaching for bush meat occur. Apparently they do not shrink from eating primates. 

  • CVK Lakeside Resort is on T4A, 17km from Nkuruba.
  • Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse and Camp is 800m further on.
  • Chimps Nest Lodge Campsiteis just before the Bigodi Wetlands office (we did not visit it).

Enter Kabale Forest NP 20km after Nkuruba. No park entrance fees or formalities as this is a public road.

Kanyanchu River Camp, Kanyanchu Park (Kabale) HQ and Kabale Primate Lodge turnoff, 28km. Turnoff co-ords N00 26,183 E30 23,598.

Kanyanchu River Camp to Bigodi Marsh HQ only 6km. HQ co-ords N00 24,370 E30 24,523.