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GEEKS. Tanzania. Peponi Beach Resort near Pangani. Saturday 26 December. Week 33, day 252.


Tiwi Beach and Twiga Lodge – Diani on A14 – Lunga Lunga and border post – Tanzania and Horohoro – turn west to bypass Tanga – turn left (east) in village of Pongwe – Peponi Beach.

Distance Travelled and Time Taken.

The 190km took 5hr 20min.

Route breakdown and details.

• Diani Beach is less than 5km from Tiwi Beach on the A14.

• On the Kenyan side this important road along the coast becomes progressively more potholed, but not too terrible. The Tanzanian side is a new high quality road. This route and border post are highly recommended.

• After 149km and nearly 4hr turn right (west) to bypass Tanga. At roundabout take 3rd exit to A14, signposted Segera.

• After a further 15km in village of Pongwe, turn left (east) on a rather obscure dirt road, not signposted at all. S05 07,460 E38 58,588.

• At T-junction after a further 14km turn right and the road improves.

• After 4 kms you will see the first sign for Peponi Beach Resort.

• 6km onwards turn left as signposted.

• Peponi Beach Resort is 1km down this road. GPS S05 17,165 E39 03,743.


The Kenyan customs are at this time located 5km from the border at S4 33,582 E39 07,659.

Immigration are at the border, park at S04 36,024 E39 06,355.

The Tanzanian new offices, offering a one-stop service are at S04 36,093 E39 06,307.

KENYAN SIDE – Lunga Lunga.


Carnet officially completed, second stub removed and retained at customs, remember to check that the final remaining stub is correctly completed to prevent any problems when repatriating the vehicle into your home country. We had a few awkward moments with the official who wanted to see our receipt for “road user’s tax”, for US$40 which he initially claimed we should have paid when re-entering Kenya at Moyale. All we could produce was a receipt, issued when entering Kenya from Uganda a number of months earlier. I questioned if we indeed needed to pay this again in the same calendar year and he seemed unsure how long this road users tax was valid for. When I insisted that we would require a receipt and planned to query this payment as the well organized customs post at Moyale had made no mention of it, he demurred and said he would be kind to us and waive the payment. I am not sure whether he was trying to pull a scam or in fact was just ignorant of the correct procedure, no matter as long as we did not have to pay. One then goes through a formality of a police check point before driving 5km down the road to the border and immigration.


This was a formality, visa checked, finger prints scanned, photo taken and our passports stamped out.


This single building new and modern office was an eye opener in efficiency and convenience, air conditioning being a rare luxury. There is a decent car park and the entrance and exit points of the building are clearly marked. The customs counter flowed automatically to the immigration window. At the entrance our Yellow Fever Certificates were checked.


No visa required for South African citizens, no forms to fill in, fingerprints scanned and our passports stamped with a 3 month, single entry tourist visa. They direct you to Customs just down the passage around the corner.


Carnet efficiently filled in and bottom stub retained, always check all is correctly done to avoid heartburn later. Directed to the cashier alongside to pay US$25 for “Foreign vehicle road permit and fuel levy”, the receipt shown back at customs and number noted. All done in 1hr, what a pleasure! I feel that many more travelers would be using this border post if they knew how efficient and convenient it was.



There is indeed a requirement for foreign vehicles to pay a road users tax in Kenya. I think we paid USD100 for three months in 2014. Other travellers ought to ensure they have paid this when entering Kenya as police checkpoints can ask for it. It is either issued as a round paper disc (not dissimilar to the old UK road tax disc which we put on our windscreens), or as an officially printed out piece of paper. It will show how long you are legally allowed to have the vehicle in Kenya. It can be extended at Customs in Times Tower in Nairobi. The amount paid varies on the length of time you want to be in Kenya. Don't presume on border officials remembering to issue the foreign road users tax, but ask for it to be issued to you.

W. W. thanks for the helpful comment. I am still not sure that I needed to pay this again on re-entering Kenya. I have looked at my receipt again from my first payment and cannot find an expiry date.


When we came in and out of Kenya in 2013-2014, we were told that the road users disc expired on exit of the country, but since then, the East African Community might have different requirements. Although, having said that, Tanzania hasn't signed up to all the EAC agreements. I would advise others to err on the side of caution.