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GEEKS: Rwanda. Uwinka Campsite, Nyungwe Forest. Wednesday 29 July. Week 14, day 108.

Seeing that we made such a hash of getting to Nyungwe yesterday, I guess I am under some sort of obligation to detail the correct route, in case others might want to take the same route in the future. The route is simple enough but beware T4A might want you to turn off earlier, before you reach Huye (old name Butare). T4A still thinks the road from Huye to Nyungwe Forest NP is dirt but it has fairly recently been tarred. Wayne J. had been directed to turn off the main route south at Kirengeli Village and then drive southwest on a long dirt road via Karambe and Kigeme instead of via Huye. The fact that T4A is not up to date and that many of the towns have changed names in Rwanda, makes navigating a little bit of a challenge and needs detailed planning, as we learnt yesterday. Today was a breeze.

Kigali – Huye (old name Butare) – Nyungwe Forest NP – Uwinka Campsite.

Total distance and Time.

213km, 5hr. You could comfortably cut off an hour if time is an issue.

Route Breakdown.

• Kigali – Huye. 2hr 45min, 126km.

• Huye – Start Nyungwe NP. 1hr 15min, 55km.

• Start Nyungwe NP – Uwinka Camp. 50min, 32km.

COSTS: Camping at Uwinka US$30 per tent.

There is a small daytime restaurant there serving snacks and drinks, mainly for the hikers. Most of the hikes start from the information center.