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GEEKS: Rwanda. Kibuye, Lake Kivu, Presbyterian Hotel Center Bethanie. Thursday 30 July. Week 14, day 109.

ROUTE: Uwinka and Nyungwe Forest – Gisakura village – Buhinga – Rusizi (Kamembe).

Rusizi – Buhinga – Nyamasheke village – Karongo (Kibuye).

Distance travelled and time taken.

158km, 5hr, easily reduce by 20% if time an issue.

Relevant is to extrapolate the time likely from Uwinka to Karongo without the detour to Rusizi as most would want to take this route. It would take 4hr only and be 50km shorter at 108km.

Route details.

• Uwinka to Buhinga OR Rusizi, Good tar, short sections under repair.

• Buhinga to Karongo. First section excellent tar with short areas under repair. Last 30km before Karongo road is a construction site as described in Daily Dispatch.