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GEEKS: Kenya, South Horr, Samburu Sports Club Campsite. Wednesday 14 October. Week 24, day 178.


Maralal (Yare Camel Club Campsite) – Lesiola - World’s End – Morija – Marti – Baragoi – South Horr.

Total distance and time taken.

162 km, 9hrs. However actual time and distance from Yare Camel Club to Samburu Sports Club, if stops, repairs and visit to Worlds End excluded – 132km, 6hr 20min.

Route detail and breakdown.

• Turnoff to World’s End is on the road to Baragoi as described in Dispatch. It was a 20km and 1hr detour. (Signposted Lesiolo, World’s End).

• Turnoff to World’s End – 15km and 1hr 22min from Yare Camel Club.

• Yare Camel Club – World’s End, 35km and 1hr 42 driving time.

• TOTAL Time taken for detour to and from viewpoint 1hr 30 min. Distance of detour 30km. GPS viewpoint N01 13,366 E36 32,445. Altitude here 2,250m.

• Time from Yare to Morija village (excluding above detour), 3hr for 56km, indicating state of the road.

• Morija – Marti villages, 23km, 50min.

• Marti – Baragoi, 1hr 50min, but as shock absorber broken we were travelling slowly. This 63km would be done by most about 15min faster.

• Baragoi – South Horr (Samburu Sports Club Camping), 43km, 1hr 45min.