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GEEKS: Kenya, Maralal, Yare Camel Club Campsite. Tuesday 13 October. Week 24, day 177.


Very different to that normally taken to Eastern Turkana, via Isiola and Archer’s Post or variations thereof, as far as we can tell. We unreservedly recommend it.

Nanyuki on C76 – Naibor village – village of Khamba – onto C77 – Suguta Marmar village – Kisimi village – Maralal.

Distance and time taken.

5hr 10min to cover the 164km.

Route details and breakdown. (All accurately depicted on T4A).

• Nanyuki to Naibor, on C76, on tar. 19km and 10min.

• Naibor – Khamba village, fairly rough dirt road, travelling at between 30-50km/hr. This is where one travels through the private game ranches on a public road, with decent game viewing. 82km and 1hr 50min.

• Khamba village – Sugutu Marmar village. At Khamba turn north-west on C77, this is a slightly better road, at least initially. Communal farming area, sheep, goats and cattle beinh herded by Samburu tribespeople in traditional dress and adornments. Very interesting. 50km and 1hr 50min.

• Sugutu Marmar – village of Kisima. As one proceeds northwards the road deteriorates with stony, corrugated and bumpy sections. The terrain is much drier and the acacias become sparse and scrubby. Beginning to fulfill my image of the Northern Frontier. 13km taking 30min.

• Kisima – Yare Camel Club. 23km and 35min.