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GEEKS. Kenya, LAKE TURKANA ROUTE: DAY 5. Sibiloi National Park, Lake Turkana, Koobi Fora Campsite. Friday 16 October. Week 24, day 180.


Loiyangalani – towards North Horr initially – turn left at N3 40,769 E36 17,597 after about 39km – road now signposted intermittently (T4A also accurate) – Gajos village – Karsa Gate Sibiloi NP – Petrified Forest – Koobi Fora.

Road and route details.

• Palm shade – turnoff from North Horr road. Dirt road in very good condition. After 39km and 40min at GPS points as above, turn west and north towards Sibiloi NP, leaving the road to North Horr.

• Now road less good (but far better than those around Maralal and South Horr), sandy luggas, featureless flat plains, some areas of boulder hopping.

• Around Gajos village (220km from Loiyangalani, 5 hours) the terrain becomes more hilly and the luggas more frequent.

• The closer to the lake the more stony the road. The pebbles vary in size from tennis ball downwards.

• Karsa Gate reached after 250km and 6hr 40min from Loiyangalani.

• Karsa Gate to Koobi Fora, via petrified forest, 3hr 15min, 60km. including over an hour at the forest.