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GEEKS: Kenya, Eluai Public Campsite, Masai Mara Conservancy (Mara Triangle). Sunday 13 September,Week 21, day 153.


Kembu Camp (near Njoro) - turn right on A104 - turn left on B1 to Kericho - Kericho - Sotik -  turn left to Masimba - Gesusu - Nyangusu - Kilgoris - Lolgorien - Oloololo Gate Mara Triangle - Eluai Camp.

Distance travelled and time taken. 

290km, 7hr.

Detailed route and route breakdown.

I have noted this route in great detail as there was great uncertainty amongst locals as to which route to take to the Oloololo Gate and I am happy that this was the best route. The alternate would be the route we used to exit via Narok, the Sekenani Gate Masai Mara Reserve and then through the Reserve on the public road to the Mara Triangle Gate at the Mara Bridge. You do not have to pay to cross the Reserve, provided you are going to the Triangle.

  • Kembu Camp - take the same route out as when driving in from A104.
  • On A104 turn left (west) towards Eldoret, east is Nakuru. Good tar road but many trucks.
  • After 43km from Kembu turn left onto the B1 signposted Kericho, lovely wide tar road with climbing lanes. Just watch out for the antics of the truck drivers. Drive up the Mau Escarpment and enter the area with extensive tea estates.
  • Kericho reached after 94km and 1hr50min from Kembu.
  • Kericho - Sotik, 46km, 1hr.
  • Sotik - Masimba village (40km) - Gesusu (further 16km) - Nyangusu (17km), time for this section 1hr 30min for the 73km. Road good tar.
  • In Nyangusu at T-junction turn left as signposted to Kilgoris (Kilkoris), still on tar.
  • Kilgoris reached after 15min and 10km. Straight on to Lolgorien on C17, signposted.
  • After 2km reach fairly bad dirt road to Lolgorien (Lolgorian).
  • At T-junction here choice to Oloololo Gate. Left via Shartuka or right via Lolgoria. Passers-by confirmed route via Lolgorien better. This T-junction is at GPS S 01 00,470  E34 52,965.
  • Note, Oloololo Gate is not on T4A.
  • Lolgorien reached after 31km and 1hr 10min from Kilgoris.
  • In village turn left (east) at GPS S01 13,667  E34 48,539 signposted Masai Mara, Oloololo Gate 35km.
  • Arrive at Oloololo Gate 26km and 35min.


From Narok: Continue on the tarmac B3 towards Bomet and Sotik for 33 kms to the village called Olonini on T4A (but Ngorengore on maps). Turn left (SW) on to a dirt road. The road is signposted Mara Serena, Kichwa Tembo, and Governors Camp and is on T4A.

Olonini - Nkorinkori - Lemek - Ngosuani - Mararianta - Oloololo Gate is 80 kms and will take 2 hours. Keep following signs to Mara Serena and Kichwa Tembo. Kichwa Tembo is a luxury camp/lodge just near the Oloololo Gate and the Mara Serena is near the Eluai Public Campsite.

From Kericho/Sotik: Probably best to go on the tarmac B3 towards Narok and at Olonini turn right (SW) and follow the directions above. Sotik to Olonini (Ngorengore) turn-off is 83.2 kms. All on T4A.

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