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GEEKS: Kenya. Amboseli National Park, Amboseli/Tsavo Community Rangers Tented/Camping Site. Wednesday 16 December. Week 32, day 242.


Nairobi – Lagata Road – Nyaya Stadium roundabout – Mombasa Road – Sultan Hamud –turn south at Emali after 127km – Kimana after a further 82km – Kimana Gate Amboseli after a further 24km.

Distance travelled and time taken.

The 227km took 4hr 30min.


• Turnoff after Emali towards Amboseli S02 05,406 E37 28,958.

• Turnoff in town of Kimana to Amboseli and community camp S02 50,402 E37 31,357.

• Turnoff to community campsite S02 47,700 E36 27,998.

• Community Campsite S02 47,584 E37 28,298.