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GEEKS. Ethiopia, (H)Awassa, camping at Progress International Resort Hotel. Friday 23 October. Week 25, day 187.


Dorze – Abre Minch – Soda – Awassa.

Total distance and time taken.

240km, 4hrs.

Route breakdown and details.

In time to come when the road reconstruction has progressed this will be a really wonderful route, if not already so.

• Dorze Lodge – Abre Minch, 25km.

• Abre Minch – Soda, 117km, 3hr. Soda quite a major center.

• After Soda turn right after 10km onto dirt road under reconstruction. Head for GPS co-ords N06 57,654 E38 06,526.

• At N06 55,893 E38 07,722 strike tar of Great North Road and turn north towards Awassa and Addis. This was 104km and 3hr 15min from Soda.

• Reach Awassa 162km and 3hrs 10min after Soda.