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GEEKS. Ethiopia. Awash National Park, Awash. Thursday 3 December. Week 30, day 229.


Lalibela –Woldiya - Mile – Awash – Awash National Park.

Distance covered and time taken.

558km, 12hr.

Route breakdown and details.

• Apparently there is a new tarred road from Lalibela to the “truck highway” from Nazret and Addis to Djibouti. Neither ourselves or T4A located this.

• We did take the dirt road shortcut running east-west to Mile where the north-south truck highway is. This shortcut route goes west to east via the following towns, Geneta Maryan – Dilb – villages of Sakala, Debot, Sanka, Wayineye, Gedober – town of Woldiya.

• At Mile, 282km and 7hr from Lalibela, join the truck highway, an excellent tarred road. Turn south here, although lots of trucks, easy to overtake and safe drivers, made good time.

• From Mile to Awash NP took 5hr for the 316km.

• About 120km from Awash the road deteriorates somewhat with frequent potholes.

• We thus were able to avoid Addis Ababa the next morning, bypassing to the west via Nazret.