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GEEKS. DANAKIL EXPEDITION. Metema to Hamedela village. DAY 1, Weds 25 Nov.


Mekele – villages of Agula, Tsebat, Desea, Shahigube – village of Berhale (lunch) – Hamadela (Hamade Ela) village and Lake Assal.

Distance and time taken.

160km and 6hrs with regular stops.

Route breakdown and details.

• Kawa Trail Bridge is 16km from Mekele on the south side of the tarred road towards Adigrat.

• Agula village, 42kms from Mekele.

• At Agula turn east on tar, heading towards Danakil Depression and Lake Assal. This is the newish tar road built for mining the Danakil.

• Desea village reached after 50km and 2hr 30min from Mekele. Here leave the Tigrai region and enter Afar region.

• Lunch in Berhale after almost 100km and 4hrs.

• Enter the true Depression, below sea level, after about 133km and 5hr 30min.

• After initially heading north, at 151km from Mekele, turn right, due east, on tar heading directly for nearby Lake Assal.

• End of tar road/start of Lake Assaal at 159km. Hamadela village and army base are here.