GEEKS: Rwanda. Rubona (near Rubavu on Lake Kivu). Paradis Malahide Cottages and Camping. Friday 31 July. Week 14, day 110.

I record these rather dry details for the benefit of others needing hard data when planning their travelling in these areas. I hope some find it handy if not interesting.


Kibuye – Kibali road initially – Mashubati village – Nkomero village – Kivumu – Pfuma – Rubavu – Rubona.

Total distance and time taken.

110km, 4hr 45min.

Route details.

Rwanda. Kibuye, Lake Kivu, Presbyterian Hotel Center Bethanie. Thursday 30 July. Week 14, day 109.

We were up early as mentioned and soon were leaving Nyungwe Forest. The total length of the road through the NP is 50km, with Uwinka being close to the midpoint of the road. With the new road this is a lovely drive through stunningly unspoilt and ancient rainforest. This road is really good except for short segments where it is under repair despite being relatively new, perhaps typical of Chinese roadwork in Africa? It passes through splendid forests in the national park and winds its way around and up and down typical hilly Rwanda terrain.

GEEKS: Rwanda. Uwinka Campsite, Nyungwe Forest. Wednesday 29 July. Week 14, day 108.

Seeing that we made such a hash of getting to Nyungwe yesterday, I guess I am under some sort of obligation to detail the correct route, in case others might want to take the same route in the future. The route is simple enough but beware T4A might want you to turn off earlier, before you reach Huye (old name Butare). T4A still thinks the road from Huye to Nyungwe Forest NP is dirt but it has fairly recently been tarred. Wayne J. had been directed to turn off the main route south at Kirengeli Village and then drive southwest on a long dirt road via Karambe and Kigeme instead of via Huye.

Rwanda. Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel, Kigale. Monday 27 July. Week 13, day 106.

Had a reasonable night at the Youth Hostel, sleeping in the roof top tent in the car park. Unfortunately the bar terrace closely overlooks us and although not rowdy at all, the conversations over drinks continued fairly late into the night. Fortunately we are veterans now and can sleep through many things, be it lions, hippos or beer talk.


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