Kenya, Lake Baringo, Roberts Camp. Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 September 2015. Week 20, days 149 and 150.



Swahili proverb. “Mwenda mbio hujikwa kidole”. A person who is in too much of a hurry stubs his toe.


Today we were testing our limits a little. Where is the adventure in exploring Africa if one does not venture off the normal tourist circuit into the relatively raw and untamed? We had been well briefed on the rather audacious route before us and accepted that the theme for the day was "pole pole"!

GEEKS: Kenya, Barnley’s Guesthouse (Aka Sirikwa Safaris) . Sunday 6 September and Monday 7th, 2015. Week 20, days 146 and 147.

Firstly the route to Barnleys from Mt Elgon.


Mt Elgon NP (Chorlim Gate) – direct route to A1 (Webuye to Kitale road) – Kitale – Barnleys.

Distance covered and time taken.

229km, 1hr 20min.

Route breakdown and details.

• The first 7km are on the same road we used from the south.

• At the crossroads N01 02,299 E34 50,877, continue straight (east) instead of turning south on the route in. From now onwards the dirt road is superior to the one from the south. (60km/hr).


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