GEEKS. Ethiopia. Debark, Walya Lodge. Wednesday 18 November. Week 28, day 214.


Wild Camp (29km from Gallabat and the border) – Gallabat/Metema border – Gondar – Debark.

Time taken and distance covered.

8hr and 317km including a speedy 1hr 20min through both sides of the border.

Route breakdown and details.

• The main reason this 300 odd kms took so long was twofold. The stretch of road between our wild camp and Gallabat was very potholed and it took us 35min to cover 30km. Then also after the border the road, although in reasonable nick, has many steep uphills and going is slow.

Ethiopia, Gondar, Fogera Hotel. Tuesday 3 November. Week 27, day 199.



“What am I doing here?” – Arthur Rimbaud, writing home from Ethiopia.


It was time to catch up with some further Ethiopian history and culture. As Anne remarked, almost every town in England has its own castle and locals cannot wait to proudly arrange a visit, becoming a little tedious. We were running the same risk in Ethiopia and Gondar, here we limited ourselves to visiting the Royal Enclosure, an ancient collection of magnificent castles within a walled compound in the city center.

GEEKS. Ethiopia, Gorgora, Tim and Kim’s Village. Sunday 1 and Monday 2 November. Week 27, days 197 and 198.


Bahir Dar – Hamusit village (30km and 45min) – Woreta town (a further 23km and 20min) – Addis Zemen (a further 24km and 20min) – Guzara Castle – outskirts of Azezo village turn left – onto dirt road after Gondor airport (after a further 84km and 1hr 50 min from Addis Zemen) – Tim and Kim’s Village (after a further 50km and 1hr 30 min.

Tim and Kim’s is on T4A and is a short distance from the village of Gorgora along a fairly rough but short track. Turn off for this track at N12 14,186 E37 17,894.

Total distance and time taken.

Ethiopia, Gorgora, Tim and Kim’s Village. Sunday 1 and Monday 2 November. Week 27, days 197 and 198.



“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Tim and Kim’s is another of the longstanding and well-loved stopovers of many a trans-African trip. Within the context of camping in Ethiopia it stands out like a beacon in the dark. It is lovely and ticked all the boxes.

GEEKS. Ethiopia, Bahir Dar, Agar Park and Recreation. Saturday 31 October. Week 26, day 196.


Addis Ababa – Chancho village (44km and 1hr 25min) – Muka Turi town (a further 38km and 45min) – Goha Tsion town (a further 104km and 1hr 40min) – Dejen town (a further 43km and 1hr 15min) – Debre Markos (a further 65km and 1hr) – Addis Kidam town (a further 157km and 3hr 10min) – Bahir Dar (a further 88km and 1hr 25min).

Total distance and time taken.

539km and 11hr 10min.

GEEKS. Ethiopia, Addis Ababa,Wimm’s Holland House. Tuesday 27 October. Week 26, day 192.


Dinsho Camp Bale NP – through villages of Wesha (48km), Adaba (8km), Herero (10km), Dodola (15km), a total of 1hr 30min.

At Dodola turn right (north) 2,5km west of town, heading for Asela. (Turn at N 06 59,899 E39 08,999).

Dodola – Hasasa (17km) – Negela (19km) – Merato (17km), Sagure (45km) – Assela (21km). Dodola to Assela took 1hr 50 min for the 119km.

Assela – Nazaret, 73km and 1hr 15min. At Nazret, on outskirts, turn left onto expressway signposted Modjo.


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