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December 2015

GEEKS: Kenya. Tsavo West National Park, Chyulu public campsite. Friday 18 and Saturday 19 December 2015. Week 32, days 244 and 245.


Amboseli – New Chyulu Gate – Chyulu Campsite (first to Mtito Andrei Gate and back to pay fees.)

Distance covered and time taken.

Total, including to Mtito Andrei and back – 138km, about 5hr.

Amboseli Community Camp to New Chyulu Gate – 59km.

New Chyulu Gate to Chyulu Campsite – 19km.

Chyulu Campsite to Mtito Andei Gate, 30km and about 1hr.

Route details and breakdown,

Kenya. Tsavo West National Park, Chyulu public campsite. Friday 18 and Saturday 19 December 2015. Week 32, days 244 and 245.


“Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is worst of all.”


There was a very nice flow to this part of the trip and it can just as easily be done in the reverse direction. Nairobi to Amboseli is a half day only, but a world apart. Amboseli to Tsavo West the same and so also to Tsavo East and then to the coast north of Mombasa. One can also avoid much of the truck-loaded Nairobi to Mombasa road.

GEEKS: Kenya. Amboseli National Park, Amboseli/Tsavo Community Rangers Tented/Camping Site. Wednesday 16 December. Week 32, day 242.


Nairobi – Lagata Road – Nyaya Stadium roundabout – Mombasa Road – Sultan Hamud –turn south at Emali after 127km – Kimana after a further 82km – Kimana Gate Amboseli after a further 24km.

Distance travelled and time taken.

The 227km took 4hr 30min.


• Turnoff after Emali towards Amboseli S02 05,406 E37 28,958.

• Turnoff in town of Kimana to Amboseli and community camp S02 50,402 E37 31,357.

• Turnoff to community campsite S02 47,700 E36 27,998.

• Community Campsite S02 47,584 E37 28,298.

Kenya. Nairobi, Jungle Junction campsite. Saturday 12 to Tuesday 14 December. Week 31 and 32, days 238 to 241.

For once we find ourselves in the right place at the wrong time. After the weekend we visited 2 travel agents to try and arrange a quick fly-in break to the very traditional and un-spoilt Lamu Island. This is widely touted as the most authentic experience available of the traditional way of life on the ex-slaving Swahili coast with its Arabic influence and moslem traditions. There are not even any motor vehicles on the island.

Kenya. Nairobi, Jungle Junction campsite. Friday 11 December. Week 31, day 237.

Well today we were travelling a route almost completely covered on our route north so there is not too much to report, passing through the town of Timau after Meru, followed by a bypass around Nanyuki. Here we crossed the equator again, perhaps for the last time on this trip. I had the feeling that we had not managed to afford the Mt Kenya region and Laikipia the time they deserved.

Kenya. Samburu National Reserve, Riverside Campsite. Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 December. Week 31, days 233 and 234.


“Man’s heart away from nature becomes hard”. -Standing Bear.


We were long overdue for a couple of days in a decent wilderness area with proper African wildlife and had really missed this aspect during our travels north of East Africa.