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September 2015

GEEKS: Kenya, Mt Elgon Lodge, Endebess (near Mt Elgon NP). Saturday 5 September 2015. Week 19, day 146.


Jinja – Iganga – Malaba Border Post (Uganda/Kenya) – Webuye – Saboti village – Mt Elgon Lodge.

Distance and time taken.

275km, 7hr 30min.

Route detail and breakdown.

Jinja – Malaba Border Post. 155km, 3hr15min. Good tar road, some, but not too many trucks perhaps because Saturday.

Border – Webuye. 57km, 1hr 10min. Bumpy detour for 11km, the road east from the Kenyan border is being totally revamped. Tar to Webuye excellent.

Kenya, Mt Elgon Lodge, Endebess (near Mt Elgon NP). Saturday 5 September 2015. Week 19, day 146.


"Adventure travel existed before I started, I just didn't know it".


Uhuru, we’re footloose and fancy free in Kenya at last. Kenya has always epitomized all that I imagine an African country to be, warts and all. One reads a lot about it and the life the settlers used to have, famous hunting stories and battles to conserve the wildlife and forests. Robert Ruark, Rooseveldt, Hemingway, Karen Blixen, the Sheldricks and Leakeys and books by Peter Mathiesen have been the closest I have ever got to Kenya, and now we are here at last.

Uganda, Jinja, Victoria Nile, The Haven River Lodge. Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August 2015. Week 18 and 19, days 139 and 140.


In DeNile:

There once was a princess named Jinx,

Who was asked what she thought of the Sphinx.

She replied with a smile,

"That old fraud by the Nile?

I personally think that she stinks!"


GEEKS: Uganda, Sipi Falls, Moses Community Camp. Friday 28 August 2015. Week 18, day 138.

 Some detail here hopefully of some assistance to those thinking of using the eastern route. I urge you not to have any hesitation in using this interesting route. It gave us great satisfaction to have completed it. It is really not as daring as it has been reputed to be!


KVNP – Kapedo – Kaabong – (near) Kotido – (near) Moroto – Longwedwat – Nakapiripirit – Chepsikunya – Sipi – Moses Camp at Sipi Falls.

Distance and time taken.

430km only about 95km on tar, 10hrs.

Route breakdown, details and road conditions.

Uganda, Kidepo Valley NP HQ. Thursday 27 August 2015. Week 18, day 137.

Today we were faced with a bit of a conundrum. As you probably know by now, the East African parks run on a 24hr clock, a day’s entrance fee covers the next 24 hrs. We had entered at 16H00 and we entitled to stay in the park until then. The problem was that there was nowhere to stay outside the park within reach of the entrance gate, although I had noticed a faded sign indicating a wilderness community camp at the exit gate. This was apparently closed down.